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make time for more - loomflow b2b and b2c business solution

Switch from paper to
digital, with our catalogue
management services

This Digital Catalogue Management Platform allows
you to create customised catalogues in minutes.
You can share and track your orders and fulfil
your customers’ needs with ease.

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Upgrade to a digital catalogue with our catalogue management services.

View reports of stock availability conveniently. Do all this
and more so your business keeps on growing.

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Elevate your e-commerce business with our digital catalogue management services.

Create multiple users to facilitate easy management of the platform.
Give each user different management rights to ensure a smooth workflow and order
management with the customers.

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Do more

With our advanced catalogue management technology,
save more time, space and money!

Flexible application for your products


Make it your own

Simple to use product uploading


Anyone can use

Connect with your potential clients


Setup in no time

Data analytics for products


Safety above all

Always online products


Always at your service



Commitment to quality

Can be used for b2b and b2c business


Grows with you

Multiple users application


Multiple access for easy management

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Catalogue management in easy, simple and quick steps:

Create a catalogue in just 2 minutes!

join loomflow today
Sign in

Enter username and password

Upload products in no time

Select the images of your product and upload with prices and features

Update your catalogue real time

Add multiple images of stock/inventory

Create product information on the go

Make albums of different products

Save product information only once

Enter the details of customers in the address book

Share with multiple customers

Customers can share the ready catalogue via social media, Whatsapp or email with select details.

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No matter how big
or small your industry
or what business you're in,
Loomflow is the
convenient answer.

Fabric online digital album Fabric
Food and Beverage Cataloguing Food and
Home Furnishing showcase digital catalogue Home
Jewellery e-commerce website Jewellery
Garments interactive catalogue Garments
Accessories online platform Accessories
Gifting digitalise product Gifting
Footwear digital catalogue Footwear

and many more...

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Find your right business plan!



  • Upto 5,000 products
  • 3 User Profiles
  • Unlimited catalogue, album and customers.
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*For additional products above 5,000 products,
upgrade to PRO plan with 10,000 products.


  • Customise platform as per your business
  • Integrate with your Existing ERP
  • Add features based on your business.
  • Upto 50,000 products
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Choose to make time for more today!

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Aditya Agarwal - linen fiesta

Loomflow is an excellent tool for B2B cataloguing. I especially recommend their customized option over trying to build something in-house as team Loomflow has a strong understanding of business processes so it's super easy to get modifications made. They're also constantly adding new features so it keeps the platform fresh.

For us its become a major value-add for our stock-and-sell business, both domestically and for export customers.

Aditya Agarwal
Vrijesh Natural Fibre & Fabrics Pvt Ltd
Virag Gada - Jainam Silk

When we first came across Loomflow, we immediately agreed to go ahead with it knowing its benefits for the business. With Loomflow we can now have an archive of all our designs which can be sent to our clients on the go. This has helped us save time and reduce sampling costs.

With the ability to integrate with our existing software, Loomflow also helps to review sales and stock in detail and precisely. In all, Loomflow has given us an added advantage with respect to ease, speed and accuracy in coordinating with our clients.

Virag Gada
Jainam Silk Mills
FAQ Circle


Loomflow is here to simplify your life and business goals. Help us help you get started right away.
In case you have any queries, we’re here to answer them.

track your progress weekly, monthly Upload all your products and access from anywhere Multiple customer tracking and reporting how to register for digital asset management application

Who should register on Loomflow?

Loomflow is one of the most simple digital catalogue creating platforms. If you find creating an e-commerce site too cumbersome but are looking for a way to still manage your business efficiently online, then Loomflow is the answer. No matter what your business, present your products/services in quick time & at a low cost to your customers!

Does Loomflow have a payment gateway integrated in order to receive payments from customers?

We do not have a payment gateway but our services allow you to manage every other aspect of your business relating to cataloguing with ease.

Does Loomflow have a mobile app?

We do not have a mobile app but our platform can be accessed through any web browser on your mobile or desktop device.

What if I need additional products in my package?

If you choose our Basic plan, you can upgrade to Pro with an additional 5,000 products. However, if you would like to add products above 10,000, we offer them in multiples of 5,000. Please contact with our team to enable this for you.

Can I register without an email address?

It is mandatory to have an email id to register.

Will there be additional features added to Loomflow?

Loomflow has just started its journey to help businesses. During the course of time, we will be adding many features, which will be available for free and some at an extra cost as per the functionality. You will receive periodic updates from the team about these features.


The Team

Aastha Singla Agarwal

Aastha Singla Agarwal

Abhishek Agarwal

Abhishek Agarwal

Yogesh Sonawane

Yogesh Sonawane

Sr. PHP developer
Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar

Front end Developer
Abhijeet Shikhare

Abhijeet Shikhare

Front end Developer